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Champagne Supernova

The Dubai champagne brunch is now fast becoming a tradition as a popular way to celebrate a western expat’s birthday it would seem. I make that judgment as over the last two weekends I attended two of them for Birthday celebrations. They make for attractive venues – a set price, a wide variety of food, nice surroundings and of course the obligatory free flowing champagne.

Here are my thoughts on the two venues:


Where: Le Meridien, Dubai

When: Thursday Evening (also Friday Brunch)

Cost: 400 AED

This place is suppose to have an Australian theme, I did not really feel it. The atmosphere is somewhere between a nightclub and a restaurant. The staff were quick to re-fill my glass with Laurent-Perrier though how they managed later in the evening was amazing. I did not really sample the buffet while I was there as they also offer a restaurant style menu and I chose to order the delicious pork belly. (For some reason I felt bad drinking Champagne and eating Pork when two hours before I was in Kuwait). Later in the evening the DJ put on a playlist that appeared to have come straight from the Dubai Rugby Sevens i.e. Country Road and Hey Baby. I don’t really mind this music when I am at the rugby or a beer festival but I felt the surroundings deserved something a little better. Having said that the clientèle in that night (British Expats – lots of them) were enjoying themselves too much to really care.

Overall: 8/10 – A fun night with great food that turns into a bit of a cheezy disco after the free champagne ends at 11.00


Where: Shangri-La, Dubai

When: Friday Brunch

Cost: 335 AED

When you walk out of the lift on the Mezzanine floor you are greeted by the splendid site of some large bottles of Moet sat on ice. A promising start. We sat in the Morrocan restaurant Marrakech in a really nice private dining room which made our Brunch an intimate affair, especially when a magnum of Moet was left on our table.

You can actually help yourself to food in the the Amwaj sea food restaurant as well as the Morrocan cuisine where we were sat. Good job really as I did not want to miss out on the Oyster mountain or the tasty lamb cutlets. However, the walk between the restaurants is littered with drinks stations. A champagne section (of course), a vodka station, a mojito station (the strawberry ones are delicious) and the martini station.

The martini station is worthy of special note. The sour apple martini with a wafer thin slice of apple in it is simply far too good to miss. I think I will be researching the ingredients as I might have just found my favourite cocktail of all time.

It was certainly a more laid back affair and was populated by mainly British Expats and Emirates Crew however there were assorted other expats from around the region.

Overall: 8.5/10 – The food was pretty good though the walk between restaurants through arctic AC was not ideal but the wide selection of expertly made cocktails and generous amounts of champagne makes for a laid back and boozy afternoon.


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