Posted by: englishdubai | July 1, 2008

Two Years

June 28th marked my second anniversary in Dubai. I am amazed how quickly it has gone. I look back at making my choice to move to the Middle East and always in the back of your mind you have a time limit.

“Oh, I think I will give it a couple of years. Three maximum and I will go back to blighty” – I am sure is the thought a lot of expats coming over have. I certainly did as do a lot of my friends. The reality is, that if you are able to make a good circle of friends, enjoy your job and have somewhere good to live then I will call that place home. I am lucky. I have all three.

Over the last year this blog has undergone some changes. I like lists. So here is one about this blog:

1. Number of times it has been moved – Once (from blogspot to wordpress)

2. Number of hits across both sites – 87,118 (amazing)

3. Number of posts – 229

4. Number of comments – 566 (Thank you all!)

5. Number of domain names pointing to this blog – 4 (,,

6. Most viewed post – Tailor Made (718 views)

I look forward to the next couple of years of living in Dubai and writing this blog. My life is certainly different from when I lived in the UK and overall it is for the better. Twelve months of sunshine and lots of things to do it a good place to start. Having said that, Dubai is a changing place. The soon to be introduced VAT on goods, the sharp rise in prices of food and property, the increase of traffic on the roads all adds up to give Dubai the challenges that other cities around the world have faced for some time.

I am keen to see how it fairs.


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