Posted by: englishdubai | August 6, 2008

I’m Soaking Through and Through

I have had an enforced hiatus from blogging following two holidays in a month and in between times a very busy working environment. However, an upside is that with a week off in Dubai has allowed me to get those little jobs done that you know are important but one continues to put them off. I made progress by getting my care re-insured and re-registered (thanks to Chris to recommending the services of Agnelo who made the re-registering the car the least painful process ever).

I also called upon the warranty that is provided by the developer of my apartment. Picture the scene…another idyllic 44c day in Dubai, I am enjoying a cold beverage at my newly installed bar and taking in the rather magnificent view when I felt a cold drip down my back. Odd I thought. I looked up to see a number of droplets coming rather alarmingly out of the light fixture. I was soon making frantic phone calls to the developer.

Bright and early the next morning the doorbell rang and I was greeted by the chap who had come to look at my mysterious water drip. The chap had a cursory look at the water drips “Humidity, too much problem” was the diagnosis followed by some quick fire chat down his cell phone. Within a few minutes a couple of technicians arrived with a step ladder and a an odd looking device which I thought was a drill. They quickly had the light fixture down then proceeded to go out on to the balcony. I was rather puzzled by this. The explanation, after a little bit of gesticulating, was that high humidity outside and the air conditioned apartment led to a little torrent of water condensing on the electrical conduit from the outside balcony light to drip down on the light fitting inside my appartment.

The odd looking device turned out to be a blower which they used to expel the rest of the condensed water out of the conduit which made a loud splash and about half a litre water came shooting out of the hole where the light fixture was. They then sealed the exterior light with some silica to prevent any more condensation coming though the conduit and replaced all the light fixtures.

Seems it was a common thing that had happened to a number of other apartments and made me wonder what other things I should look out for when living in a climate that is hot and humid. Usually things to look out for here are the hot water heater, the water pump and the AC units but I am sure there must be other ongoing concerns.


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