Posted by: englishdubai | September 1, 2008

Crystal Clear

I came back home from a particularly strenuous day shopping to discover I was face to face with a couple of very friendly chaps. Now I live on the 33rd floor of a nice residential tower and with the weather and dust in Dubai it does not take long for the windows to get dirty and obscure the amazing view (when it is not hazy)

The nice thing is that the windows are cleaned about every two months, but I had yet to see anyone doing it before. Sometimes I would see the ropes in front of the windows but I had never seen the actual guys doing the hard graft. And hard it must be. Outside in temperatures at around 45c and over 300 feet up it is hardly the easiest of working conditions – but these guys were clearly having fun and I could hear them chatting and laughing. I admired their upbeat attitude and also their invention to erect a makeshift sun blind from cardboard to keep the worst of the rays from them:

They were soon gone leaving me nothing but sparkling windows and a nice photo. I would like to have given them a tip or a cool drink but there was not much chance to do that. I hope they come back soon and clean the other two windows they missed on this pass.


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