Posted by: englishdubai | September 5, 2008

Heart on Fire

Last weekend curiosity got the better of me and after more than a year I took the fly over to the now world famous “Palm Jumeriah”. The man made island very close to where I work and live. When I was looking at buying property in Dubai at the end of 2006 there was a lot (and perhaps still is) doubt about the palm as an investment and place to live. A brief drive around it last Saturday made me think otherwise. There is still a lot of construction going on but soon the Golden Mile and Marina apartments will be complete leaving the majority of the construction to the mega resorts being built such as the Trump hotel.

As I cruised along the broad tree lined Boulevard it had the feel of a very high end holiday destination. I take my hat of to Nakheel – they have delivered something that looks and feels very special. Sure there have been issues in the build (but where in Dubai hasn’t there been?) but it was a hugely ambitious project that I can only admire.

The Atlantis hotel’s huge arch shaped outline can clearly be seen from where I live in Dubai Marina and the drive up to it is amazing. After cruising along the main “drag” you go under the ocean via a impressive tunnel and upon emerging the scene is spectacular with the Atlantis hotel being presented directly in front of you. A drive around the corniche at the end of the Palm gives the true scale of the resort and I can not wait to try the water park when the hotel opens later this month.

It was also good to see that the mono rail is nearing completion which means easy access to this new tourist attraction. Here is the monorail station near the Atlantis hotel:

I left with the feeling if I should have brought an apartment in this vicinity.  It will surely be a fabulous tourist attraction as the infrastructure of monorail, resorts, marina and shops open up. Still I can not complain – it is only a 10 minute drive from where I currently live.

Just after my visit the Atlantis was the scene of a fire this week (fortunately no one was hurt) and here is a link to some rather dramatic photos of it here. However I am sure the Hotel’s owners will make good the grand opening day and restore its rather magnificent interior to what it was before.

While I doubt I will be afford to say a night there – it will be worth a visit for the water park alone. Roll on 24th September and the opening.


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