Posted by: englishdubai | October 25, 2008

Don’t You Bring Me Down Today

Last year Justin Timberlake made his Middle East debut and he was outstanding. Last night Christina Aguilera at the same venue made hers. The Emirates Palace at night provided a fantastic backdrop for an open air concert. While not up to high level that Timberlake set she was good, really good. I have wanted to see Christina perform for a long time – I really consider her to be one of the modern Divas of our time. I did not leave disappointed

She did the Diva thing and started her show 30 minutes later with a sensational opening song of “ain’t no other man” The choreography was a treat to watch – a real performance. This time I did not invest in the expensive tickets, so the tiny Christina Aguilera is even more tiny in the one reasonable photo I managed to get:

She performed with real gusto and any thoughts of her miming were soon dismissed with great renditions of Moulin Rouge, Hurt and an excellent finale with Fighter. However the new interpretation of Genie in a Bottle left me feeling rather cold with its robotic style. The weather in the UAE is cooling down it was still 32c last night and Christina declaring she was “Hot!” was true on so many fronts.

As with all concerts like this in the UAE it really is more of a social event and a big group of us descended on Abu Dhabi that evening. Here is Emma and Ursula enjoying themselves at the show:

It was a fun night and for 80 minutes the crowd were entertained and I am sure that her act was probably a little toned down for the audience but it was cheeky nonetheless. Kylie is playing in Dubai next month, after last night I am looking forward to it even more.


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