Posted by: englishdubai | December 29, 2008

Some More Blog Upgrades

With the new year nearly upon us I thought I would treat the blog to a few minor upgrades. Namely they are:

1. Proper Domain Name – all the links have been re-worked to remove the “wordpress” within them. I had a little bit of a battle with DNS setting with the Domain registrar but a little bit of patience and it was eventually sorted. It always kind of irked me to have wordpress within the domain name. Though the service has been excellent

2. No more ads – I have had the google adsense advertisements removed for users who browsed this blog without a log in to wordpress

3. Custom CSS – while I am no scripting wizard. The ability to customize CSS allows me to put  a nice border around the photos I post on here

So nothing major – but for me worthwhile modifications especially having a “real domain” name for this blog.


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