Posted by: englishdubai | December 30, 2008

Marina Life

Yesterday marked Al-Hijra, the Islamic new year. Happy New Year to those celebrating and the UAE government granted a days public vacation to mark the occasion. 

I woke up in the morning and looked out of my window to check the weather and I saw nothing. Well I saw grey. A large wall of impentrable grey. It was surreal. The visbility was zero. I always wondered what it was like to live in the clouds and now I know. You can’t see anything. I grabbed my camera and popped down stairs to see the extent of it. Above floor 15 it was a total fog out: 

Still the good side with the recent cool weather and sprinkling of rain, has a had a great effect on the recently planted borders along the Marina and this morning they were in full bloom

In a short few hours the sun had brunt away the mist revealing glorious bank holiday weather. A lot of people agreed and the Marina was a hive of activity with boats coming and going all day long as people took advantage of a little free time:

With the advantage of a zoom lens – it gave me a glimpse of what those super yachts are like. The one below with its top deck jacuzzi pool made it very clear just how the half live and I could only imagine the fun you could have with your own luxuy yacht:

Me and some friends spent the rest of the day ambling along the beach and exploting the various new shops along The Walk. Soon enough though, it was time to enjoy a pleasant meal under the stars on my balcony. And to my shame. It was the first time I have had a chance to use it for some evening dining – and it was great except for a mosquito or two having their own meal on my ankle:

I currently have a couple of friends over from the UK who started their vacation off to a perfect Marina day. I was just pleased to be able to share it with them and I look forward to a few more before they depart.


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