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A Pink Rock Start

Spending the Christmas and New Year period in Dubai this year has been really fun. After my mom left I had some dear old friends Russ and Nic come and spend a week with me. It is always nice to share time with friends from abroad who are visiting Dubai for the first time. We ran around and did the usual mall, beach, water park triumvirate . However I am sure their highlight would have been the spot of desert driving we did last weekend.

Mr Chris was good enough to lead a team of five vehicles out to Pink Rock. We entered the sand at Big Red at around 11am. At that time of day it was pretty quiet. We quickly aired the tires down and set off into the sand to enjoy the dunes.

It has been some time since I last did any dune bashing and it took a few minutes to get my eye in. I was soon enjoying myself until I circled a bowl, however the sand was just too soft for the behemoth weight of the hummer. And I sank. Now early in my off road career I would put the power down till the axles were deep in the sand. This time – I popped it into low range and made some progress backwards. As I could see I was not going to clear the soft stuff – I engaged the differential lock and got a few of the guys to give me a shove:

The Hummer trundled out no problems and there was no need to deploy tow ropes. In fact we did not need to recover any of the vehicles all day. That is always nice. One of the wranglers ran into a bit of a snag. We heard a worrying comment over the walkie talkies:

“Guys, my accelerator is stuck wide open. I think the accelerator cable may have snapped”

That was a worry. Mr Chris went over to see what was going on. We stayed put wondering if we would have to call a UniMog out to recover the wrangler. After about 20 minutes we heard over the comms:

“Everything is OK. We have just removed a choitrams bag from the engine and we are up and running”

That was a relief and kind of worrying to see the damage plastic bags can do not only to the environment but also to vehicles.

While we were hanging around Russ and Nic enjoyed the glorious weather in the desert

Then Russ thought it might be fun to leap of a dune. Shame he brought half of it with him back into the Hummer:

We had a fun trip for the rest of afternoon and I let Russ take the wheel of the Hummer. He even managed to get it to the top of Pink Rock where we enjoyed a pleasant picnic lunch making sure to bring all our litter with us:

It was an entertaining day and Russ was adamant that he would be back for more. As we aired the tires up back at Big Red the area had got really busy. Lots of people were taking advantage of the great weather to enjoy the desert. It was a real shame for all us to see at least two people toss bottles and cans carelessly out of their vehicles.

The area around Big Red really is an amazing natural beauty spot. It is really sad to see untold number of bottle and cans littering the sand. It took the shine off the whole day for a number of us. I think a few bins and some no -littering signs would help a lot.


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