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Emirates Kart

This weekend saw a couple of very good friends of mine celebrate their stag nights in Dubai. In these time of economic crisis we combined both of them into one all mighty event.

A stag do in Dubai for me was somewhat of a novelty, I felt a little nostalgic about the stags do’s gone by spent running around wet forests in Nottingham getting shot by stinging paintballs. While fun at the time – the bruises the bruises are always uncomfortable.

When the idea was floated last year the paintballing and go-karting were nominated. At the insitence of the petrol heads go-karting got the nod and I breathed a sigh of relief that I wouldn’t be getting shot anytime soon.

If you want to experience Go-Karting in Dubai there are two options. The fast but highly regulated track at the Dubai Autodrome or the more urban Emirates Karting Center situated just outside the Jebel Ali International Hotel. We elected for the Jebel Ali option based on a few of the lads recommendation that we could have more “fun” at this track.

On arrival we organised into teams of five for the several races we were to have and signed the obligatroy waiver forms then onto the safety briefing. This involved more “brief” then anything else and went something like this:

“This one – gas”

“This one – break”

“Don’t break too hard, otherwise slide. So break gently”

“If you crash, use these handles to pull yourself out”

“No overtaking when the yellow flag is out”

and that was about it, I was left wondering if this was all the information I needed. You can see here all the guys were listening intently:

And soon enough we were off and racing. The circuit was great offering some nice fast bends as well a couple of tight chicaines and a long power straight. It was a shame that the timing equipment was not working but this led to a more relaxed session though a few of the more competitive lads pushed things rather hard – leading to a couple of spins into the tire wall. Thankfully the only thing that was bruised was a little bit of pride. Here my race sets off – and I can proudly reveal I did not finish last. That honor belonged to Duncan though he claims a kart switch slowed him down:

The final race saw some old scores being settled between Simon, Christian and Gareth. A few of the other lads soon got into the spirit of things and provided some rather “un-official” marshalling.  We were all a bit bemused by this but it made for some great photos:

While Go-Karting was not the only activity of the day for the Stag Party – it certainly provided a wonderful way to spend time in the gloriously cool Dubai winter weather and gave some common ground for everyone to talk about for the rest of the day:

I wouldn’t mind checking the Autodrome karting for a bit of compare and contrast but if you want something rough and ready the Emirates Karting Club delivers in spades.


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