Posted by: englishdubai | January 20, 2009

Blog is on the Run

After a love affair with Sony Ericsson phones for more than 10 years last week this ended. Why? I have always admired their style and more recently their advances in camera phone technology made for an attractive package. The last model I brought the c902, exmplefied these features. But when a mobile phone can’t perform basic tasks like letting me answer a call everytime. Not freezing during basic navigation, not allowing the use of the keypad during a call to interact with a IVR menu. I also expect a phone not to mute the other line for five seconds at random intervals. In short, just not useable. I am over it. All I want is something reliable.

I had a look at the bewildering choice of phones on the market. It was a hard choice to make.

I ruled out windows mobile phones, I tried the interface on a PDA a while ago and I did not like it. I also decided that I would avoid the smaller brands like LG, samsung and other niche vendors. When you discount all of that the choice narrows significantly basically leaving nokia.

There are basically two options their N series Symbian based smart phones and the more regular nokia interface. I looked hard at the symbian phones particularly the N85. However I just could not get excited about it and I did not really want to learn a new interface. And that is when it struck me. I wanted a smart phone which is reliable and has an interface that I all ready knew. The answer was clear an iPhone.

It has only been a couple of days with with iPhone so a little early to make a judgement. However I have written this blog on the iPhone with the help of an excellent wordpress app. All of a sudden mobile blogging has become a reality.


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