Posted by: englishdubai | February 11, 2009

Happy Feet

In keeping with the wildlife theme I wanted to blog about the really nice trip we made out to Boulders Beach whilst on vacation last week in Cape Town. It is a pleasant drive along the coast and accompanied by perfect weather I looked forward to seeing the penguins.

As soon as you pull into the car park there are penguins right there! It was so nice to be able to really get up close and see these wonderful creatures

After paying a small entry fee to the national park you are able to enjoy the lovely Boulder Beach. The large granite boulders and warm ocean this side of the Cape make it a popular place for bathers

The South African National Parks have done an excellent job in building a nice broad walk at Foxy’s beach which brings you up close and personal with the African Penguin colony. It was a joy to see them. They mainly stood still enjoying the breeze while the sun was a warm 30c – however what you can not tell in the photos is that they do have a special “aroma”

It was a bit like the movie Happy Feet but on sand and I even noticed one them having a little sing song but the vocals were lost in the strong wind:

My friends Catherine and Duncan did their best penguin impression in their honor:

Sadly it didn’t really work so I found another couple who looked much nicer:

It was great visiting the penguins and you could see them paired up ready for the upcoming mating season. Though just like Happy Feet there was one penguin who wanted to be a little different and the chap below went for a solitary swim and paddled around the surf for a bit

It made me smile as it occurred to me. Everyone likes to be a little different, even if you are a cute African Penguin.


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