Posted by: englishdubai | February 17, 2009

The Boat that I Row

I was lying in bed last weekend trying to catch up on some much needed sleep after charging around the length and breadth of Africa when I was awoken by some screaming and shouting.

Now Dubai Marina is usually a place of serenity (unless you are living next to a construction site) I could hear it was coming from outside and when I pulled back the curtains it was nice to see a full on Dragon Boat regatta was taken place.

The newly opened Dubai Motor Yacht club certainly has the right feel to it with its Nautical shops and high end dining – but the addition of regular events such as dragon boat racing is very welcome.

I had seen a few crews getting in some practice over the last few weeks but had no idea when the racing would actually happen. As it was I was able to get a cracking view of the proceedings from my balcony:

All the screaming and shouting was led by the dragon boaters themselves in a desperate effort to keep in time. It seemed to me that the crew who generated the most noise were the easy victors:

The real race was for second spot and there was barely anything in it with both teams celebrating a victory:

There was also a reasonable crowd that had assembled along the quayside to add their vocal support:

It was fun to see this sort of event. I do hope that other rowing regattas are held in the Marina. It would make the perfect backdrop while enjoying a Pimms No.1


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