Posted by: englishdubai | February 20, 2009

Danger! High Voltage

I have to admit one of my greatest weaknesses is that I am in do not have an ounce of artistic talent. In fact I am sure that my four year old nephew would have a better shot than myself at being able to create something resembling art.

However, I do feel like I can appreciate the talent that has gone into creating something. Kind of like how I am with wine. I am not expert but I know what I like and what I would rather avoid.

So when a dear friend of mine invited me to an art exhibition I have to admit I was not sure what I would make of it. However as the lovely Renata had produced an original piece I went as a show of support.

The exhibition was called My Name is Robot and was held in the depths of Al Quoz behind the Gold and Diamond Park. When we rolled up, the place was packed and there were plenty of smokers hanging around outside in the cool Dubai winter’s evening.

The Robot theme was captured everywhere with prints and photographic portraits on the walls but the main attraction was the “Custom Toy Exhibition”. Twenty plus artists were each given a resin robot to create an original. I was sad I did not have a nice camera on me so I grabbed a few photos of my favourites as best I could with my mobile. I have given them nicknames – they all had original names but my memory is a little hazy (apologies to the artists)

This one I called Slumdog Millionaire:


Onyx Angel:



and last but by no means least is Renata’s Heart Broken Bot:

It was really busy at the show and on the display table you can see a leather clad remote control robot which added even more variety:

Renata’s comment to me was “Dubai is crying out for this sort of thing” and judging by the cosmopolitan throng nothing could have been more true. I think I might pop back on a slightly quiter time to see if one of these little masterpieces or one of the portraits might find a home in my home.


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