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Almost Famous

In a rather random sequence of events and ending in a really thrilling surprise this little blog was not only nominated for the Ahlan! Hot 100 but made the final selection in the Up and Coming Section for 2009. This was a real shock and quite an honour – though I found the whole photo shoot a little embarrassing.

The Ahlan! Hot 100 is a collection of Trendsetter, Style Icons, Unsung Heroes and Up and Coming folk who have some way contributed into making Dubai what it is today. I feel very humbled to have ever been considered let alone appear along side some people who have done some amazing things (great feats of charity or exploration). It was also nice to see Mr Prakash Parmar make the list – he is of Parmar Tailors fame and I am a proud owner of one of his bespoke suits. Coincidently it is the most viewed post I have ever written on this blog by some margin.

There was a party to celebrate the naming of the list which was held last week. Sadly, I was in Cannes at VMworld and unable to attend. The photos from the party looked like it certainly lived up to being one of the social events of the year. Maybe they will let me in next year if I ask nicely…

I have scanned my entry for those not able to purchase a copy :

And the write up was:

When he arrived in Dubai from the UK two years ago to work for a large American software company, Aaron White had no idea his relocation would lead him to becoming a celebrity blogger. He says, “This was a chance of a lifetime, so I started a blog to document my adventures. Today, has become so popular that I receive regular hits from all over the world.” And he’s not kidding. Aaron’s blog has received almost 70,000 hits to date as well as offers from companies who want to advertise on the site. And he never tires of writing about his adventures either – whether it be moving into his new Dubai Marina apartment, or crashing into a barrier at Dubai airport or wading through Dubai’s sometimes endless red tape. He adds; “Dubai is a remarkably tolerant Islamic city where you can have fun within very clear guidelines. Part of the reason I write my blog is to give my readers the reality of what the city is really like.”

Pull-quote: “Dubai is great for seeing the outcome of your efforts – you get out of the city what you put into it.” – Aaron White

So there you have it – I appear to have made a small impression on this part of the world simply by sharing my thoughts and experiences over the last few years. In part, a lot of this has been due to the continual encouragement from my friends, family and most importanly readership. I want to thank you all for contributing to this little corner of the blogoshpere.


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