Posted by: englishdubai | March 10, 2009

A Sith Lord in Dubai

After far too long, this weekend sees the return of the twice yearly “Casa Jumeriah” party. The previous parties have been excellent fun (Rome, Circus and Rock) and I can see this one being no different.

The theme is “Space” and I have a suitably ridicoulous outfit to wear, which I am sure will be the subject of a future post. Now, the creative chaps in the Villa have taken sometime to put together a tralier for this weekends lunacy. Sadly, I did not contribute to the making of this trailer save the donation of the mask and gloves the rest is just pure genius that I had to share. The expression on the guys faces in the supermarket at around the 50 second mark is gold:

I love the fact that the whole thing was filmed at the local park/beach/supermarket and with the local kids. It really reminds me of the great year I had living in deepest Jumeriah. I know the guys had a blast making this video and I am sure that the party this weekend will live up to such a heady billing.


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