Posted by: englishdubai | March 15, 2009

The Force is Strong in This One

After a long hiatus and multiple crazy video trailers, this weekend finally saw the return of the infamous Casa Jumeriah Fancy Dress party. This time with a Space theme. The boys worked hard to decorate the villa and the entrance through the garage resembled a lunar scene.

A cartoon like spaceman who wanted to go to infinity and beyond (powered by red bull) ended up making a few small steps for a Dubai expat but a giant step for expat on the lunarscape:

The costume standard was excellent. Here are a few of my favourites. Duncan came as a satellite. Now looking at the costume a couple of things spring to mind-

1. The massive use of grey body paint has now liberally coated the villa and those having a close encounter with this satellite

2.How does one visit the toilet in such an outfit? There appears to be design fault with the clear omission of an “escape hatch”

Princess Leia arrived looking suitably attired in seventies space age slink accompanied by Darth Maul who finally felt comfortable in his use of mascara and lipstick. A world class effort:

Matt and Renata showed their artistic abilities and came as Chestbursters which had clearly been in incubation for sometime. Sadly at this party there was not a Facehugger in sight all evening. I did spot a number of odd looking xenomorphs:

Robin and Scarlettm the dynamic duo, came as Mars and the Galaxy of the edible kind though we missed the presence of the Milky Way:

And how could I not be impressed with the late night showing of Dr Who (Tom Baker Edition) accompanied by his delectable assistant Ms X:

There were many other awesome costumes and even in the crunch people made a superb effort. It has been nearly a nine month hiatus since the previous party (Rock), These parties prove to be an excellent diversion and throughly worthwhile for having a real laugh. Usually at these parties you meet lots of people who are new to Dubai – their friends bring them along as an easy way to get to know people. This time I met only one person who had recently moved to the city – I guess it must be another sign of the times.


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