Posted by: englishdubai | March 29, 2009

AC Wars

Now Dubai is a typically a hot place making the need for AC not a luxury but an absolute necessity. However what temperature the AC needs to be set to appears to have been a bit of a bone of contention in the office.

I walked in this morning to see this little surprise:

The installation of an AC jail!

It seems that the nearby cubicles have to all agree on what temperature they would like the zone to be set at. Then the office manager will come with the key and set the temperature.

I can only smile. The ladies seem to like it set to 28c which I have to admit to being somewhat warm. I personally like it in the 22-24c range especially if I am in a suit jacket.

It seems that the consensus has led the AC to being set at 23.1c, however not without some grumblings. I will stay out of it for now now. When the summer arrives and it gets to 45c outside I do hope it is set to something sensible.


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