Posted by: englishdubai | March 29, 2009

Good Things Come in Pairs

It was a busy weekend just gone in the Emirates, with local residents spoilt for choice with two world class options. Option one was the first appearance of Coldplay in Abu Dhabi and option two was the Dubai World Cup horse racing.

I had been in two minds for a while about which to attend, as it seemed to me that most of the guys I knew were heading to Coldplay and most of the girls I knew were attending the horse racing. So the Dubai World Cup it was.

I enjoyed my last two outings to the Dubai World Cup immensely. Last year there were really long queues. but the organisers put paid to that this year with a huge amount of scanners at the entry point. Though with the construction of the new super stadium “Meydan” this year’s event was what I would call much more “bijou”.

The huge International Village was not evident and all the concessions and enclosures were much closer to the track. This was a good thing, as I actually got to see all five races despite my keenness to enjoy myself.

Much of what makes the Dubai World Cup a special occasion was still in place.  The ladies made a fine effort with wonderful dresses, hats and fascinators in abundance. Here the ladies from the office I work in are looking super:

We were quite lucky that while there was a couple of showers – there was no huge rainfall (unlike at Coldplay) that we had to endure. It is always quite amusing what lengths some people will go to protect themselves from the elements.

Clare was good enough to model what we affectionately named the “Pashmina Bin Liner” :

While some of the Gentleman’s head gear was less appealing:

Later in the evening we entered the now famous “Bubble Lounge”. Which sells rather expensive champagne only. Still, the proportion of very attractive ladies certainly increased over the Irish village tent where we spent most of the day. I would hazard a guess that the combination of smooth tunes by the DJ coupled with fizz can only be a good thing.

While there might be a global recession on I noticed a number of people enjoying 6000AED ($1600) a bottle Cristal. We settled for a more reasonable 500AED ($130) bottle of Brut Rose.

Following the final race won by the appropriately named “Well Armed” a nice fireworks display set the tone for the party that ensued:

Last year the organisers got a lot of criticism. The entrance queues were too long, there were no cash points, not enough toilets, too much traffic coming in etc. This year it was a breeze. Sure it was a smaller event but you could see that things had been rectified. Of particular note was the ATM on wheels:

It was another eventful day in Dubai and I enjoyed myself a lot. I do wish I could have got to see Coldplay but I am sure I can catch them in the UK soon enough. I just wish they could have had these things on different days. I suppose it is the old adage, so much to do and so little time.


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