Posted by: englishdubai | April 25, 2009

Design For Life

When I was a young lad living in Abu Dhabi I have some clear recollections about visiting the Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi. One particularly thing that caught my attention was the art of crafting one’s name in gold on a necklace.I always thought it looked rather cool and a number of girls I know in Dubai have such jewellrey.

I am not a jewellery person and don’t even wear a watch, but I do recall having to learn how to write my name in Arabic as part of the school curriculum. Sadly, I can still barely write legibly in English so suffice to say my attempts at Arabic were very poor.

A good friend of mine has recently opened up a graphics design agency based out of Beirut and upon hearing my sad story turned her considerable talent in producing “Aaron” in Arabic calligraphy. Here it is:

I was bowled over! A really fantastic piece of art. I will be getting it blown up and put in a suitable location in my apartment.
I was able to give my thanks in person this weekend as whilst in Beirut I got a chance to visit her in her studio – the design company is called Pixels Maker and I liked the collage they had decorated their office with:

If you want to get a nice piece of Arabic Calligraphy done or any other piece of graphic or web design then I would look them up here –


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