Posted by: englishdubai | May 4, 2009

It’s a fair Cop

Over the last year or so the RTA and Dubai Police have really gone on the offensive at penalising people breaking traffic laws particularly speeding and tailgating.

The almost obligatory post one has to make writing a new Dubai blog is the state of the driving compared to one’s home country. I made such a post here. On review over the last three years the overall standard of driving has improved. While it is not perfect – a lot of the more outrageous stuff I first witnessed, is a rare sighting nowadays.

One of the key things put in place is the vast number of speed cameras put on the key highways through Dubai. For instance on the Sheikh Zayed Road there is a speed camera every 2km. Which pretty much means that continous high speed driving is going to end up with either your car impounded, points on your license, a big fine or all three.

Another improvement is that within 48 hours of making an offence your are sent a very nice email telling you that you have been naughty and that there is a fine waiting for you. Also just in case you can’t get to your email a nice SMS is sent at the same time. I like this – you know where you are and you get no surprises in the post.

For the last two weeks I have been on the road and I was in the UK last week. So I was a little perturbed when I got not one but two of these emails/sms. I checked them out and sure enough my father has been let loose in the Audi (while the Hummer was being serviced) and had been doing his best speedy gonzales impression up and down the Sheikh Zayed Road. He has now been left with having to make a rather generous donation of 1200AED ($329) to the RTA coffers.

It made me  laugh, as I let my Dad use to the Audi so he had transport while the other car was serviced. But for that amount of money he could have had a limo everyday to the office and back. Next time if he feels the need for speed I will take him to the Dubai Autodrome.


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