Posted by: englishdubai | May 6, 2009

Making Your Mind Up

It was with real pleasure I got to share a few days in the UK last week with a good Lebanese friend of mine. Having had a rather bonkers weekend with him Beirut last week it was nice to show him around Englands green and pleasant land.

I always like to notice the small differences that people pick up when in a new place. Here are few of the best ones.

– In the very nice Bluebeckers eatery after sampling the world class ribs and cheese and bacon burger – “Does everything come with Pork?” –  a little topical with the “Swine Flu” pandemic right now

– Driving over joint mini-roundabouts (the ones near Hatton Cross) – “Wow – how come we are still alive? I was sure that bus was going to take us out. How do you know who has priortiy?” – I smiled and said “Give way to the right”

– We went into the local Wetherspoons and my friend was tempted by one of the festival ales with a traditional name, something like “Tastes Like old Socks” – the poured pint was very tempting with its dark gold colour and creamy texture. We we waited for it to settle. A raise of the glasses and a cheers – followed by a long drink. My friend looked perplexed and without a hesitation, uttered the immortal words:

“Where is the fizz?”

There could simply be no response to this and I made sure I got him a nice pint of becks to follow.

I do feel rather guilty however. He put me up at his parents place and I left him in the Holiday Inn Farnborough. He took me to the awesome Music Hall, I took him to Wetherspoons. Still that is the difference between party town Beirut and the backwater of Camberley.


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