Posted by: englishdubai | May 12, 2009

I’m always here

I went down to the Waitrose yesterday to check on this pork ban. The good news Pork products were still available however the bad news was that there was no fresh bacon in sight. It is always a treat to have it in Dubai but no great shakes if it is not there – Turkey bacon is a pretty good substitute.

To console my bacon sadness, my team of crazy friends made something that really made me smile (actually cry with laughter). I thought it might be nice to share it. From the same team who brought you Vader in Dubai in comes Jumeriah Baywatch. It is really amazing what you can do with a video camera, a surfboard and a few bottles of Masafi.

While this Blog is usually rated U for Universal. This video gets a PG-13 rating – caution poor haircuts and shorts alert.


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