Posted by: englishdubai | June 16, 2009

Flu By

This week I am in Cairo. It seems that a whole host of IT multi-nationals are also visiting  this week judging by the hotels drivers signs at the airport.

I always like seeing these guys, as I know I will be in a car with two important things

1. Seatbelts

2. AC

and if I am lucky even a bottle of water. But this time before setting eyes on such luxury I had to contend with the one the toughest airport situations I have seen.

After disembarking a very full Emirates flight (the landing was a little exciting as one of the luggage bins above my head sprung out and we all watched neversouly with hands up afraid one of the bags would shoot out and probably cop yours truly on the head) – I was greeted with a huge melee.

I could see people grasping at small blue forms. Odd I thought. I had all ready filled in my landing card. Then I saw the drama. There was a whole flight plus mine fighting to fill in forms and then get their body temperature scanned. The problem was that two body temperature scanners, no queing system and five hundred people in a very confined space led to a thirty minute nightmare.

People pushed, shoved and shouted in many languages. None of them happy. And it was hot. Really hot. Did I mention it didn’t smell too great either? And by the end of it neither did I. Still with great patience I edged my way through for my turn and was glad to meet the hotel rep who at least eased the immigration pain. A top tip for anyone visiting Cairo on business, get the hotel to do a meet and assist service. They quickly get the Visa and then go to a special counter to get your passport stamped and then usher you through immigration – so nice when it works.

After the drama of the flu queue – I needed to relax and I got a special treat. A room on the 19th floor of the Marriott with a grea view down the Nile:

Tonight I will be enjoying some Cairo nightlife and hope to get some good things done over the next couple of days here.


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