Posted by: englishdubai | June 16, 2009

Get So High

A few weeks ago I was on the ninth floor of the Hilton Jumeriah which is just across the road from where I live. I usually get visitors to stay here as it is convenient for shopping and has a nice pool and beach. It was good to finally get in and see the rooms which were fine but even better to see the view. Dubai Marina beach has had quite a lot of work on it recently. It has been flattened and a whole heap of new sand has been put down. These leads to throngs of people at the people (hopefully not in thongs) as can be seen here:

It was also good to see the JBR walk from a different perspective. If you notice the crane and the patch of green below – this is the “Dine in the Sky” experience.

A little zoomed in you can see the chairs that you are strapped into as the crane lifts you a couple of hundred feet in the air to enjoy an evening of fine dining:

It sounds like wonderful experience but does raise a few questions:

1. What happens if I get “caught short”?

2. What do I do if my meal is cold/wrong ?

3. Who tops up my glass?

Aside from that I have zero head for heights and with my feet dangling straight down I doubt I would be able to enjoy it. For the adventurous or those looking for something different then I would give it a look.


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