Posted by: englishdubai | June 16, 2009

Legend of Dubai

A huge product launch and then three long trips in as many weeks as left this blog looking a little neglected.  However, a lot has been happening in Dubai  – the annual Dubai Summer Surprises shopping bonanza is now on. Everywhere you look there appears to be some new shop or restaurant opening with swathes of special offers and now with the sterling strengthening goods are starting to look like reasonable value.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that people I know are leaving Dubai on an alarming basis. I think it was captured really nicely by a friend’s status update on Facebook the other day “a tad depressed by the fact that the last 6 events listed on her Facebook profile are ALL leaving drinks. :-(”

One of the first chaps I met when I came to Dubai was Paddy. He had become a bit of the Dubai furniture. A hugely entertaining guy who wrote for “What’s On@ for a while before becoming the Editor of the Middle East’s leading gadget magazine “Stuff”. Paddy is the type of guy that Horne and Corden would want in their gang.

Credit crunch aside he had decided to move back home nearly a year ago. When this was announced we merely laughed it off but when he had the leaving party we realised it was finally happening.

In typical Paddy style he threw an awesome party bringing along the band he plays Bass guitar for “Funkin Gonuts” to play and they were tremendous. In full 70s and funk outfits they covered some of my all time favourite Disco treats like “Street Life” and “Superstition” – Paddy is in the orange/pink suit:

The party goers enjoyed their own private gig (as I am sure did the neighbours)

We will miss Paddy in Dubai – however it means I have another place to crash the next time I am in the big smoke.

If anyone wants to go and see the Funkin Gonuts – then they have a regular slot at “Peanut Butter Jam” which on the Wafi rooftop. However it is closed for the summer now. Catch them and you will not be disappointed and being crashed out on the bean bags in a sultry Dubai evening is a nice way to spend some time. Here they are in regular mufti:


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