Posted by: englishdubai | August 8, 2009

Dynamic Duo

For long term readers of this blog you might have noticed that I have enjoyed getting dressed up. My favourite being the Buzz Lightyear outfit I wore for a party earlier this year. My Father thought he knew why I had this obession with fancy dress when he dug out some old photos this week.

We lived for a while in Brunei when I was probably about five years old where these pictures were taken. I remember it being blazing hot most of the time with the occasional massive monsoon rainfall. I recall it being a fun place to live as a kid as it was only a short bike ride to the beach from where we lived.

Here are my sister and I dressed as the dynamic duo. I certainly seem to be enjoying myself, my sister less so. But we are still looking cool:


And another this time in our pyjamas (isn’t it a bit early in the day to wearing these?). I am looking distinctly unimpressed and it is probably why I detest wearing pyjamas nowadays:


I am going to have a look around for some photos of when I was in Abu Dhabi as a kid a few years after this and see if I can tell anything about my life in Dubai today from them.


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