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1000 Drawings on 1 Arabian Night

I have a confession. As a young lad at school I use to really dislike Art classes. So with a little bit of planning I use to arrange my monthly trips to see the Orthodontist during my art lessons. When I did attend I tried hard but I just couldn’t be as creative as the other kids and I felt I would rather have my teeth pulled then go through this. As a result, as a thirty something adult I will openly admit to having a drawing age of around six, possible seven years old.

The nice thing is that I know lots of arty types and one of them told me about  a very worthwhile cause they were using their talents for. The idea is that they collect 1000 drawings and sell them at an exhibition night for 50aed ($14) each with all proceeds going to the charity Gulf for Good. The drawing brief is that it can be of anything, made of anything, drawn with anything but must be A5 in size.

This idea was originally run in South Africa and it looked like a really fun evening – it is great to see this being brought to Dubai.

The team have been in planning for sometime and earlier this week lauched the idea to the public. Below is the first flyer:


A few photos of the creative process in full flow:

This piece looks like having all the hallmarks of something special:

As someone who holds his hands up to not being able to contribute artistically I thought I would help by providing some shameless publicity.

The event is due to be held during November with the location and exact date still to be decided but I will post an update when this is finalised.

If you wish to contribute a drawing there are now collection points at The Shelter, The Jam Jar and the Lime Street Cafe in Dubai.

Also feel free to join in and get the latest updates with via any of these wonderful Web 2.0 applications:

Facebook Group:



I have been told that they are still looking for the venue and a sponsor or two so if you can feel you can help in anway please send them an email:

So let those creative juices flow and I will see you there in November.


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