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The Candyman Can

Dubai Mall is starting to become a Mall and destination I want to visit. Recent openings of the new cinema, Sega Republic, the Dubai Fountain and a host of new restaurants (Entrecote, California Pizza Kitchen) mark it as place you can easily spend a whole day in.

Though I was beaten to the punch by Umar the new confectionery store “Candylicious” really is worth blogging about. Like a lot of other things in Downtown Dubai it is the world’s biggest. Ten thousand square feet of Willy Wonka shaming sugary goodness.

A marketing genius has secured them the spot right in front of the Aquarium. I think on Friday afternoon once the kids have seen the sharks being fed I am almost certain there will be a feeding frenzy of another kind in Candylicious.

The first thing to greet you on entry is a Gourmet Popcorn stand from a company called Garrett Popcorn Shops. It is sensational and Caramel Crisp is really a treat for those with a sweet tooth. I don’t what it is with Cheese flavoured popcorn – it is so wrong but yet so right. The nice staff let me try the varying flavours. A top tip is to avoid the tins as this seems to triple the price and just go for popcorn in a bag which worked out to be a far more reasonable affair.

Once the popcorn excitement was out-of-the-way, I ambled around the store. It is literally eye popping. The decoration and merchandising that has gone into the shop design is awesome. It is almost mesmerizing and despite the fact I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth I found myself wanting to dive into one of the many pic”n”mix and totally over indulge. Seven deadly sins eh? Sign yourself up for Gluttony right here.

I was initially unaware of the very blatant “No Photography” signs posted around but they stood little chance to all the eye candy surrounding me and I subconsciously found myself reaching for my camera phone. Here is the first one I took:

I got politely told not to do it. I couldn’t help myself and took a photo of the lollipop tree:

I could see a member of staff heading over to me. So I made a prompt exit clinging onto my Cheezy gourmet popcorn muttering something about this place being the death of me.

You have been warned.


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