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Turning Japanese

It had been a long but fulfilling week at GITEX and my feet were telling me that it was time to find some more comfortable shoes next time around. The timing of the Japan theme party at “Casa Jumeriah” in hindsight was perfect. I really did think that I wouldn’t have the energy for it and a quiet night in with a visit from a reflexologist is all I really wanted. However, once you I got there and you see everyone else’s outfits and have a couple of refreshing beverages it is an amazing stimulant.

The guys living at Casa Jumeriah again put a huge effort in for the theming and decoration of the villa – with a certain Mr Chesman freaking out that the Japanese characters were properly represented:

The gang down at the villa were suitably attired (Mr Chris’s Hello Kitty attracted a unique attraction from a lot of people that evening)

Sensei Quintin found a new opponent in Matt “Karate-Kid” Sulli-san

And after a liberal amount of Dutch courage I felt it was time to join the fun so I donned the inflatable Sumo outfit complete with crazy hair piece:

I was really impressed by the lengths some people go to for these parties. My favourite outfits were the Karama tailor made Monkey and Tripitaka outfits from one my fondest TV shows (Monkey) I use to enjoy as a kid. I am not sure how the Toyota factory worker fits in:

A little later in the evening we were treated to a special appearance from the most glamorous Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles I have ever seen

A good friend of mine Michelle writes a brilliantly observed “tumblr” called Hands Up Thumbs Down mainly about Dubai that makes me smile a lot. Following the Japan party she posted a little skit here – I have replicated it for posterity:

I’ll roshambo you for it.. Well. First I kick you in the nuts as hard as I can, then you kick me in the nuts as hard as you can, and we keep going back and forth until somebody falls. The last one standing gets the arrowhead.. Ok ready? I’ll go first..

I wondered what a roshambo was – made famous in Southpark and defined by the Urban Dictionary – it all looks rather uncomfortable. Now, I can probably understand why I woke up in so much pain the morning after.

I do love these parties but they are rather like Christmas. One eagerly looks forward to them for so ages and there is a huge amount of preparation, then it is all over before you know it.

Edit: Thanks to Tabu and Michelle for the photos – driving a camera while wearing a sumo outfit and drinking a beer is nearly impossible.


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