Posted by: englishdubai | October 26, 2009

Work It

Two things close to Mr Chris’s heart are the cost of the maintenance and the lack of inclusive gym facilities. I sympathize about the eye watering maintenance costs however I am fortunate enough to have excellent leisure facilities aside from the swimming pools there are squash courts, badminton courts, two well equipped gyms and even a pool table. All free to use once the wallet crushing maintenance fees have been paid. Over the last few months I have making the most of it and getting down the gym on a regular basis to battle any further “Dubai expansion”.

Recently the complex I live in has had a facilities management change and I have been impressed by the positive steps they have taken. Firstly they significantly reduced the fees, then they did something about the hideous landscaping of the swimming pools, got the concierge in the building to take post and courier deliveries and recently introduced parking bay stickers. All welcome additions.

Coming back from the office this evening I found a note under my door asking me a whole bunch of questions about the gym facilities in the building. I am actually shocked.

Should the gyms be upgraded (insert lots of equipment) at the cost of $x ?
Should their be provision for basketball and indoor soccer to be played at the cost of $x ?
Should their be outdoor benches beside the swimming pool at the cost of $x?

It was also made quite clear that any extras spent would be paid for with an additional levy next year.

This really is great to see and probably the first time I have ever heard of a property management company in Dubai proactively soliciting feedback from the owners/tenants to improve the community facilities. While no one wants to pay more it is great to be asked and personally I have responded that more facilities is only a good thing.

You never know, I might get really hardcore in the gym one day and I will absolutely need to have access to dumbbells in the 28 to 38kg range, an Olympic Barbell rod and a Scott bench. In the interim, it will be good enough for me to look at such equipment as I stagger off the x-trainer as a sweaty wreck.


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