Posted by: englishdubai | October 30, 2009

Ten Dubai Phrases

Struck me the other day while directing a taxi driver that there were certain phrases that I use in common day to day life in Dubai. However, if I was to use them in London I would certainly get an odd look or two.

Here are my favourites that when uttered can provide the grease to getting by in Dubai.

1. “Come on let’s go. Yallah Habibi”  – getting the gang to move

2. “What to do yanni?  – often said to no one in particular

3.  I’ll do that today itself “- as today really means sometime this week

4. “I will revert soonest”

5. “I will send you my coordinates” -often combined with 3 and 4

6. While calling a removal company – “Are you available for shifting and fixing next weekend?”

7.  “Full tank special please” – I have never had the luxury of full service petrol stations before coming to Dubai

8. (While answering the phone) – “Tell me, mmmm, tell me…”

9. “too much” inserted in all sentences where I should be saying “a lot”

and the classic to the taxi driver:

10. “You come my backside now ?”

I have to admit to having used all of the above, but one I get a lot when speaking in an area with poor mobile reception:

11. “Aaron your voice is breaking” – Crikey I hoped that had happened 20 years ago



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