Posted by: englishdubai | May 12, 2010

To Buy or not Du-Bai

Michelle, a good friend of mine, has a very dry wit and is hilarious with it. She has started up a very cool tumblr site called “To Buy or not Dub-Bai of the various crazy things for sale here. For me the best real life observational blog on Dubai:

I can’t help but smile at every update. Following this theme – this week I was in a kebab restaurant and when I asked for the English menu I was presented with a dish that make me go a little weak at the knees:

I had to give the Turkey Testicles a miss – but I did to ask the waitress if this was an error. She went to the kitchen and said they had plenty of supply on hand. Mind you, I better they more nutritional value than Turkey Twizzlers.


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