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Made 2 Measure

Over the last few years the most popular post I have written is my experience in visiting and having a suit made at a Tailors in Dubai. I thought it was about time I revisited this topic.

One the tricky things about finding a Tailor in Dubai is that a lot of them are located in the older parts Dubai such as Bur Dubai, Karama and Deira. There are a couple of issues with this for me. Firstly they are quite a distance from where I live and secondly when I get there (if my navigation is good) it is often hard to find parking. So when I heard that there one respected tailor had moved to Jumeriah 3 it was hard to pass up the opportunity to try somewhere new.

M2M have been in Dubai for more than 20 years and moving up to Jumeriah 3 at the start of this year in my opinion is a stroke of genius. Easy to find, easy to park and just a fifteen minute drive for me to get there. They are not hard to miss, their villa style boutique is situated next to the Eppco station on Beach Road:

Upon entering it was clear that they had gone out of their way to make this a relaxed and comfortable shopping experience. The rich wood interior and hints of the English gentry made me feel at home. I went to get a shirt and some trousers made. It is rare I am in a suit nowadays but if these items turned out well I am sure I will be back for one.

Choosing and designing a shirt is something of a joyful experience for me. From the choice of the fabrics, collar design, pocket or no pocket, monogram and its location, cuff design and the cut of the shirt each selection making that particular shirt special to me. The chaps at M2M were polite helpful and always willing to provide a little bit of advice as we went through the process. There was a good selection of fabrics available and a wealth more could be ordered in from the numerous swatches they had to hand:

Once the shirt design was done I moved onto the fabric choice for the trousers. I wanted something lightweight to be cool in the hot summer yet still smart for the office. Again a great selection of fabrics and the design process was another delight. The cut, pocket style, buttons or not, pleated of flat front, turn ups or not – I loved choosing from the options.

Below is a few of the collar choices on display:

With the design of the shirt and trousers done it was time for the measurements. M2M had a special area for this where one stands on a plinth in front of a three paneled mirror, it was all rather lavish. The master Tailors are then called for. First the “Shirt Master” who efficiently took my shirt measurements and asked if I wore a watch in case he needed to make the left cuff slightly larger. Then the “Suit Master” gave me another measuring for my trousers but still took my torso measurements, so I got the full treatment.

Once done, I was told that the garments would be ready for fitting in just a matter of 48hours but if I was in a hurry I could come back tomorrow afternoon. I was impressed and thought this would be perfect for my mates who would be coming on holiday as they like to indulge in tailor made clothes as much as I do.

While I was at M2M I was asked if I would like to see the “Ethnic Wedding” section they have for men and women upstairs. Nosey as ever, I was pleased to have a look and was greeted by some impossibly bling outfits:

A few days later I went back for my fitting which was short and sweet and after the weekend the finished article was ready for me to collect:

I was really pleased with the outcome. Trying them on, they fit well and are comfortable. The quality of work is great and I have a feeling I will be back for some future purchases. This leads me onto to price. A monogrammed shirt starts at 250aed ($68) and a suit starts from 1490aed ($405) this I think is really reasonable and comparable to off the peg prices in the UK, however for this price you are getting something fitted to you. I for one couldn’t ask for more.

Overall – Great value well made custom clothes, located in a smart part of Jumeriah which is easy to get to. 9/10.


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