Posted by: englishdubai | March 14, 2011


Sometimes when you least expect it, things can change. Having had a real learning experience at VMware over the last three and a bit years an opportunity came along that made me think twice. In fact it made me think really hard. I also suppose there must be something in the water with my good blogging mate and long time colleague, while I was Sun Microsystems, Chris Saul having recently made the move to HP.

So on the first of March I stepped into a brave new world as the Regional Director for Citrix Systems. Obviously, anyone following technology will know that VMware and Citrix compete in the same Virtualization market place an industry that I am passionate about.  The new role gives me the total view of end user sales, channel sales, techical support, people management and facilities management that I have yet to experience as a whole. Without question it will be real challenge for me, but one that I am super excited about and I think will ultimately help me meet my own personal ambitions.

Earlier today – there was a press release about this and you can read a couple of examples here and here. Already the response I have had from a combination of this press release, a status update on Facebook and a title change on linkedin has been truly amazing. I have to admit I have been overwhelmed. I can only presume I must have been doing something right and I can only hope to continue to keep it up.

The fun part of the job happened last week when I had to pose for my official press shots. Here is a favourite one:

I am at the start of a new journey and am keen to see what is around the next corner. Traditional desktops lookout – I am here to virtualize you!


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