I enjoy getting emails and comments asking for my humble opinion on various aspects of life in Dubai. I thought I would collate the answers I have put down into a single place for the benefit of all. I will do my best to update this with new questions and keep the information reasonably current.

You can always email me at aaron.white@yahoo.co.uk

Q. Can I write an article for your magazine/newspaper/journal/website?

A. Sure – I am always interested in making a contribution and will usually only ask for a credit to this blog.

Q. How can I get a job in Dubai?

A. Much like any other city job openings are posted on the dominant job search sites such as monster or job serve. There is a number of recruitment agencies in Dubai however I have no experience with any of them to make a recommendation.

Q. How do I work for Citrix in the Middle East?

A. All Citrix job openings are posted at: http://www.citrix.com/english/aboutCitrix/employment/index.asp

Q. What is the cost of living in Dubai?

A. There is an excellent thread over at the Dubai Forums abou the cost of living in the UAE. You can find it here.

Q. What is the best place to find accommodation  in Dubai?

A. My first destination would be the excellent www.dubizzle.com where you can find not only property listings but jsut about everything else as well as lively Dubai debate.

Also be sure to check out the Gulf News ads – http://www.gnads4u.com/

Q. What is the cost of accommodation in the Dubai?

A. I am re-writing this as over the last few years rents in Dubai have dramatically reduced. I would advise anyone who is looking to move here to check out the ads on www.dubizzle.com for current market rates on villas or apartments.

Below is a quick analysis I wrote on the Jumeriah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina:

Marina Diamonds are reasonable apartments – however they are amongst the smaller apartments on offer. I have a couple of friends who live in them and have had mixed reviews (too small, no view). Hence a reasonable price

Indigo Tower is across the Sheikh Zayed Road in Jumeriah Lake Towers (JLT) which is under massive construvtion at the moment – as such there are very few shops and restaurants close by. So you would probably be wanting to go to the Marina. Having said that – Indigo tower is very nice with good facilities. JLT currently offers good value for both rental and buy due to the early stages the master development is in.

I would recommend you have a look at Jumeriah Beach Residence (JBR). “The Walk” along the front is set to be an excellent facility with over 300 shops/restaurants opening along it in the next 12 months. There is plenty of choice with 36 towers making up the development so you should be able to find something in your price range and size.

Of course I like the Emaar developments in the Marina i.e. Al Majara, Marina Promenade (where I am) and the first six towers. As I find these have excellent facilities and a decent standard of finishes.

Ultimately – you will need to get in and have a look at the location, finish and facilities for yourself.

Bank loans are straightforward and you mention all the things you need.

Hope this helps. Also have a browse of the skyscraper city forums here:


It will give you some detailed information on a lot of the major developments in Dubai Marina and JLT.

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